Sunday, March 14, 2010

Weekends always fly by...

It's hard for me to do the "typical" posts over the weekend because I'm not on the computer a lot.

Yesterday was a rough day for points. We went to a brunch celebration for our two friends who just recently got engaged. I got something pretty healthy but spent more points than I usually would on lunch.

For dinner we were going out with those friends to get Indian food. It was delicious but killed my WAPs.

I ended up going 20 points over. My goal is to not touch those other 15 and tomorrow I see my doctor and hope I can get back to the gym this week!

For dinner tonight we are making tilapia and some pea soup. Something nice and light and healthy. :)

I hate that we had to "spring forward" an hour today. Ugh. It's almost 7, super bright out and feels way earlier!

Time to go. I'll be back posting tomorrow. :)

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