Thursday, March 18, 2010

That's what she said.

Excited for the Office tonight!

I can't believe tomorrow is Friday already. Hell yeah! Is it me or does time fly by faster every year we get older? Geeze...

Today when I woke up I was so sleepy. I like it staying bright out later but this darkness in the morning stinks.

For breakfast I had my 1 point coffee and made a breakfast sandwich with egg whites, turkey bacon and a bagel thin for 3 points. It was yummy. I almost forgot to take a picture! I got a few bites it and remembered!

For morning snacks I had an a no sugar added apple sauce for 1 point and some red bell pepper strips and a Fresca.

For lunch today I had made a delicious salad but when I got to work I realized I forgot dressing. Nooooooo! I ended up having to use this crappy plain balsamic vinegar and it was super bitter. :( The salad was still good but it could have been better. My salad had a little avocado and some cut up chicken for 4 points total.

A few of the girls at work have been eating these kettle chips in Salt & Vinegar and I love that flavor chips so I gave in today and got a bag for 4 points. It was worth the splurge, yum.

I could not concentrate today, not cool. For an afternoon snack I had a Yoplait Thick & Creamy fat-free yogurt for 2 points. It was Cherry Cobbler flavor and I didn't care for it.

After work I had acupuncture which was nice and then I stopped at Subway for dinner. I had a 6" turkey on wheat with mustard for 5 points and some Baked Lays for 2 points.

I went to Target to look for something to wear to Disney this weekend that was comfortable and cool. Going to be 78 Saturday!

When I got home I had a WW ice cream cup for 2 points. I know, what happened to cutting back on sweets? Well I am! I didn't have ice cream last night!

I will leave you tonight with a photo of the 3 Month Journal I've been tracking in this past week. I had been using e-tools but went back to a paper journal.

Okay, time to go flat iron my hair and RELAX!

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